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You may have heard about the normal electric coffee grinders, which chop up the coffee beans into tiny fragments with the help of blades and grooves and acts more as a blender than a grinder. On the other hand, a burr coffee grinder gives you the perfect and consistent grind of coffee beans.

Why Burr Coffee Grinder?

Speaking about the normal electric operated coffee grinders, which acts as blenders, crumble the coffee beans irregularly. If you look closer to chopped coffee beans from a normal coffee grinder you would find the chopping is not constant in shape. Whereas the blades of a burr coffee grinder are designed to grind coffee beans precisely and provide a more consistent grind.

About Burr Grinders

Apart from maintaining the regularity of chopped beans the burr coffee grinders also maintain the aroma and taste of coffee beans better than the normal coffee grinders. How? Well, in the normal coffee grinders due to a large amount of friction generated, heat is also given up. This heat in turn slightly affects the aroma and taste of coffee beans.

As we all know, coffee beans can get some nasty bitter flavors with it if not processed well. The burr coffee grinders do the work for you as less heat is generated from the friction in these kinds of grinders. This allows these grinders to chop off coffee beans without interfering with their flavor.


General Availability

There are different kinds of burr grinders available in the market with the hand-operated one being the most preferred and now the latest edition electric burr coffee grinders to ease the grinding process and save time for the coffeeholic.

Some burr coffee grinders also come with small batteries and motor installed in them. They come in different shapes and modules depending upon the manufacturing companies will. But the basic availability according to shape is the conical and flat shaped burr coffee grinders.

Designed with a large surface area to shed heat at a faster rate, both cone shaped and flat ones are efficient and the shape difference is not a huge factor yet the conical one’s shed heat a little faster than the flat ones. Material-wise they are made up of steel or ceramics, the steel one is a cheaper option with less durability and contrarily the ceramic ones being expensive but durable.


How do they work?

These grinders have sharp blades installed at the cutting surface, sharper than those of a normal grinder and precisely adjusted to chop of coffee beans in fine granules in a more controlled manner. They can be adjusted to give different sizes of precisely chopped coffee beans. If you are looking for deeper insights on how to use a coffee grinder then check this step-by-step guide published by us.



The burr coffee grinders provide finely chopped and consistently vexed coffee beans without interfering with their aroma and flavors. Irregular chopping provides the bitter taste in coffee and if you want a perfect cup of coffee to start your day the burr coffee grinders are an ideal option for you. The burr coffee grinders and the normal one’s can be compared to a chef and a cook, both serve food but the quality differs.

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