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Mornings are always the worst and for most people, coffee is the only savior. However, many of us have that shiny new coffee grinder sitting on our kitchen shelves promising us good coffee but we are unaware of how to use it. Let’s seize the day energetically armed with brilliantly brewed coffee made using a coffee grinder by using the following steps.

How To Use Coffee Grinder Like a Pro

How To Use a Coffee Grinder

Getting started

Coffee grinders grind coffee beans into coffee powder. You need to start by calibrating your machine for the coffee you are using. There are different types of coffee beans and usually, they require different machine calibration for best results. We need to do the right level of grinding. Grinding should not be too fine nor too coarse.


Step one

The first step is to add your coffee beans into the machine. There is a compartment at the top of the machine called bean hopper is meant for this. Use a spoon to transfer coffee beans from the packet into the compartment. Measure your coffee beans before adding them. Typically, two tablespoons of coffee beans are required for one cup of coffee. If you want strong coffee, you can add a little more to this.

Step two

If you are using a manual/hand, coffee grinder the bean hopper is equipped with a handle, which you must rotate in order to grind the beans. A manual is used for any type of grinds. Automatic grinders run on electricity and do not require manual effort. There are two types of automatic grinders – A blade grinder and a burr grinder. A blade grinder is used for extremely coarse, mildly coarse, coarse, and medium grinds. A Burr grinder is used for medium fine, fine, or extremely fine grinds.

Step three

In this step, we determine what kind of grinding needs to be done. After making that decision we press the corresponding button on the automatic coffee grinder and the rest is taken care of by the machine. If you are making cold coffee, you must get coarsely ground coffee powder. If you are using French press pots for making your coffee the coffee grinder must be set to give a coarse grind. For drip pots use a medium grind setting. Lastly, while making espresso or delicious Turkish coffees use the fine grind setting.

Step four

Once you are done grinding, transfer the coffee powder into the coffee maker handle carefully, and then gently detach the coffee maker handle. Tap out excess powder from the coffee maker handle to get an even surface. Make use of the corresponding coffee maker to get amazing coffee.

As a bonus, below we’ve attached a video but only watch it if you really want to master the art of coffee grinding. And if you’re someone who is looking for an ideal coffee grinder for you then check this review of best coffee grinders you can ever find.  😉


Perfectly ground coffee using a coffee grinder, the right amount of coffee to put into the handle and then transferred to the coffee maker followed by the right amount of water at the right speed in the coffee maker are the three things that give an incredible base to any good coffee. You can now embark on a journey of making amazing coffee using your coffee grinder.

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