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What makes a coffee more delicious? How does it impact on the taste and delicacy of coffee? If you are uncertain about the answers to the above queries, then this is an essential article for you. The underlying fact behind it owes to the appropriate grinding of coffee beans.

If the grinding is improper, it may end up with either of the two scenarios.

  • Under-extracted Coffee – This is a condition where the grounds are too coarse than required or the brewing time is too short. This could fatally result in a sour, acidic/salty coffee.
  • Over extracted coffee – This is a condition wherein the grounds are too finer than what is required. This results in a cup of bitter, hollow and tasteless coffee.

How to get rid of these?

If you are a coffee maniac or if you want to know how coffee beans are grinded to a fine, coarse powder, definitely you must need to know about the different types of coffee grinders.

These are the various broad classification of coffee grinder.

  • Blade grinders

As the name suggests, the use of sharp rotor blades dices the coffee beans into the chamber. These are very much inexpensive, which results in producing particles of inconsistent size/shape.

Functioning of a Blade grinder

This type of grinders is normally powered by an electric motor that spins at high speed. As the rotors rotate, they cut the beans into pieces of different sizes. As a thumb rule, any grinding over 20 secs will generally result in burning up your ground coffee. This is as a result of the high RPM of the rotors. This type of grinder will be of much usage for aggregation and not for a single cup of coffee.

  • Burr Grinder

There are 2 types of burr grinders.

  • Manual Burr grinder
  • Electric Burr Grinder

Manual Burr Grinder- This is a typical old fashioned method which results in a very consistent aggregate coffee. Unlike the blade grinder, this method won’t result in burning the coffee.

Functioning of a Manual Grinder/Manual Burr Grinder

Here instead of the blades in a blade grinder, two discs are present, which when rubbed against each other produces consistent coffee grind. The discs have an adjustment towards the coarseness which controls the state of the grind. If you need a finer grind, the discs should be brought together. If your need is towards a coarse grind, the discs should fall apart at a particular distance.

This setting could help you in attaining any sort of grind ranging from small fine grind to large, coarse grind based on your unique needs/taste.

There are different classification of burr used in burr grinders (both Manual and Electric)

Based on Material

  • Stainless steel – These are more rugged in nature and are typically more suited for coarse grinds. They cost lesser than their counterpart but tend to maintenance often becoming dull.
  • Ceramic – They are fragile and are more suited for finer grinds. Due to its metallurgy, they tend to break/shatter if handled without care.

Based on the size of burr

  • Small (Less than or equal to 40 mm)
  • Large (Greater than 40 mm)

Based on the shape of burrs

  • Flat wheel – Here both the running discs are flat which spins at phenomenal high speed. This results in a loud noise around the machine. This also makes them less expensive.
  • Conical – Here both the discs will be in the shape of a cone, which spins smooth and slow resulting in a quieter machine operation. However, this also affects the total output becoming it expensive than flat wheel type.

If your need is towards the cost, a flat wheel will serve you the best, whereas if your need is towards quality, conical will serve you the best.

Ideally speaking, the best burr grinder, which should be put in use to produce a better quality coffee grind is the one with Large ceramic and conical burrs.

Electric Burr Grinders- The entire process is slow but provides a consistent result. These are nothing but manual burr grinder, which is powered up by an electric motor which reduces the human ergonomics considerably. But these are typically more expensive than a blade grinder and support more productivity than a manual burr grinder.

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